The Benefits Of A Geothermal AC System

Temperatures of 100 degrees aren’t just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous too. And if you live somewhere where the temperature is that high during the summer, you know how unbearable it can make things.

Whether you’re at work or relaxing at home after a hard day at work, air conditioning can make a big difference, and most of us consider it something we can’t live without. There are basically two types of AC units; the conventional or traditional unit, and the nontraditional, or geothermal. If you have a standard air conditioning unit in your home, it cools by sucking in warm air, discharging that air outside, and at the same time emitting cool air to the room. British thermal units, or BTU, are used to measure the capacity of an air conditioning unit. You may need a larger AC unit with the ability to cool up to 32000 BTU if you have a large space, while a 5000 BTU unit is generally effective in a smaller space. It’s going to cost you more to have an air conditioning unit that’s too large for the space it’s being used in, and if the unit doesn’t have enough capacity, it won’t cool as effectively. A moist environment that feels somewhat uncomfortable can also be an unwanted result of using a unit that’s too large.

A geothermal system is considered to be a nonconventional cooling system. It’s less widely used than a traditional system but is becoming more common in homes and offices, partly because it uses the earth’s renewable energy to cool your home. It has several other advantages over the traditional AC system. You’ll benefit from using between 25 and 50 percent less energy if you have a geothermal AC unit installed rather than a conventional unit, although it’s easier to set up a conventional unit and it will cost you less to buy one. A geothermal air conditioning system will pay for itself typically in about 5 years. Many homeowners end up taking out a loan to install a geothermal system, as it is more expensive to install it than a conventional system. However, the geothermal system is better for the environment, can help to save non-renewable energy resources, and can help to reduce man-made pollution, Because of these benefits, loan advice is available from some states. Because you aren’t using an appliance that has to be run by electricity or fuel, a geothermal air conditioning system is very environmentally friendly. Gasses that lead to the so-called greenhouse effect aren’t an issue, as power produced from the earth is used to power the geothermal AC system. If you are thinking of installing a geothermal air conditioning system, an evaluation of your home and land will have to be carried out to ensure it’s an option. And installing it isn’t something you can easily do yourself; a certified and professional contractor generally has to do it. Getting some expert advice is recommended if you are thinking of installing a new AC system, but can’t quite decide between a geothermal system or a more traditional unit. And knowing where to purchase your air conditioner from is just as important as knowing the right one to buy. Any good home appliance or home and garden store will have a good selection of conventional units and buying your unit it is simple. However, stores in shopping malls often increase their prices based on how much rent they are being charged, and you may end up paying more than you need to for your AC unit. Buying your unit directly from the air conditioning manufacturer’s outlet can often save you money.

Having the unit installed safely and correctly is obviously also important, and the manufacturer’s outlet may be a better approach when it comes to getting the best advice. All too often, a home appliance store in the mall won’t have its own technicians to work with. On the other hand, if you buy through the manufacturer’s outlet, they probably have their own team to handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of your unit. Using a certified and experienced contractor is a must if you are planning to have a geothermal air conditioning unit installed. There are various requirements, including choosing the right pipes and thoroughly assessing your local area, and it takes an experienced and trained technician to do that. If you do want to explore the possibility of a loan for your geothermal AC system perhaps through the residential Earth Power organization, a certified and experienced contractor can help with that process too. Like many others, you work hard and want to know that you’re spending your hard earned money wisely. It’s also important that you and your family are comfortable when those temperatures start to climb into the 90s and even higher. Choosing the right type of AC system is important, but just as important is where you buy it and getting the best possible price. And it’s also important to have your new air conditioning system installed the right way so that it works as effectively as possible for as long as possible.